Sharp UD20

Sharp to exit North America TV market

31 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
First Europe and now North America. Sharp will license its brand to Chinese Hisense
Apple TV

Apple TV with App Store rumored to debut in September

31 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
An Apple TV with Siri & App Store will be unveiled this September, according to the latest rumor. But with last year's processor?
Amazon auto show

Former Top Gear hosts to make new auto show for Amazon

30 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back. The new auto show will start streaming on Amazon next year
AOC u3277pqu

AOC launches new 32" monitors, one with 4K resolution

29 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
AOC is introducing two new large-size PC monitors; one with 4K resolution and one with 2560x1440 pixels.
LG flexbile OLED

LG will invest $900 million in new flexible OLED plant

28 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
LG Display will set up a new plant for producing flexible and rollable OLED panels. It will start mass production in 2017
Samsung SE370

Samsung's new SE370 monitor has wireless phone charging

27 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
SE370 is the first monitor of its kind with integrated wireless charging of mobile devices using the Qi standard
Sony X90C

Sony launches its super slim X90C TV

24 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
The ultra thin X90C was unveiled in January and it is now shipping in Europe and the US, confirms Sony
Netflix TV interface

Netflix's new TV user interface will auto-play videos

23 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Movies and TV series automatically start playing in the background once you click on a title. The update is rolling out now
Samsung Ultra HD-tv

Samsung is dominating the Ultra HD TV market

23 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Samsung has a 50% market share of Ultra HD TVs in North America & Europe, according to two analysts


Panasonic CX8 review

Panasonic CX8 (CX850 / CX800)

22 Jul 2015 | Torben Rasmussen
Panasonic's new high-end TV for 2015 has Firefox OS, HDR (high dynamic range) and an extended color space. Here's our review
Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

15 Jul 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Shield is one of the first game consoles based on Google's "Android TV". It is also a 4K media player. The ultimate box?
Sony X85C review

Sony X85C

09 Jul 2015 | Torben Rasmussen
X85C is a new mid-range 4K TV from Sony, and one of the first TVs with "Android TV". Read our full in-depth review
Samsung JS9500 review

Samsung JS9500 (SUHD)

23 Jun 2015 | Torben Rasmussen
A review of Samsung's 2015 flagship TV. JS9500 supports HDR and a wider color gamut. Can that justify the high price that?
Samsung JU7500 review

Samsung JU7500

26 May 2015 | Torben Rasmussen
One of Samsung's 2015 Ultra HD TVs and the first with the new Tizen operating system & VP9 decoding (in addition to HEVC). Read our full review
Panasonic CX6 review

Panasonic CX6 (CX650 / CX680)

19 May 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Panasonic CX680 in Europe / CX650 in the US is one of the mid-range Ultra HD TVs with Firefox OS. Is it time to buy an Ultra HD TV?
Panasonic CX7 review

Panasonic CX7 (CX700)

11 May 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
We have taken a look at one of the new mid-range TVs from Panasonic. The CX7 is an Ultra HD TV and the first TV with the new Firefox OS
LG UF8500 review

LG UF8500 (UF850V)

04 May 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
The new 8 series is here with a faster webOS processor and more 4K content options. But how good its LG's Ultra HD LCD TV and is it time to buy?
Raspberry Pi 2 review

Raspberry Pi 2 (with Kodi)

23 Mar 2015 | Torben Rasmussen
We have taken a look at the Raspberry Pi 2 as a media player using Kodi (XBMC). Read on to learn what the tiny and inexpensive PC can deliver
Libratone Diva review

Libratone Diva

13 Jan 2015 | Tommy Lindegaard
Diva is the new soundbar from Libratone. The colorful speaker uses genuine wool and can improve your TV sound but also function as a wireless Airplay speaker for music

Featured article

Curved TV

Does the world need curved TVs?

TV manufacturers have found the new black: Curved screens. But what are they trying to fix? We take a look at what's fact and what's fiction


Overview articles

Samsung SUHD

Samsung SUHD
Samsung's 2015 TV line-up - full overview

06 Apr 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Samsung introduces S'UHD and cheaper Ultra HD TVs. There is also a new Tizen platform and more curved TVs. Full overview here
Sony X900C

Sony's 2015 TV line-up - full overview

31 Mar 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
The big themes are Ultra HD and Android TV that will replace Sony’s current TV platform. HDR is coming later in 2015. Full overview her
LG 2015 TVs

LG 2015 OLED
LG's 2015 TV line-up - full overview

25 Mar 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
LG has a range of new Ultra HD OLED TV and LCD TVs. webOS will be available in more TVs than ever. Here is a full overview of LG's 2015 TVs
Philips 2015 TVs

Philips 2015
Philips' 2015 TV line-up - full overview

21 Mar 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
The big themes for Philips in 2015 are Ultra HD and Android TV. There are also lots of TVs with ambilight, and some with twin tuners
Panasonci 2015 TV line-up

Panasonic 2015 TV line-up - full overview

23 Feb 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
All the 2015 TVs. There are a lot of Ultra HD TVs but few Full HD TVs. High-end TVs will get HDR and wider color gamuts. Also new curved TVs

Focus articles

HDT TV explained

HDR (high dynamic range) on TVs explained

23 Jun 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
We explain what high dynamic range means for TVs, and why it is about to lay an important foundation for the future of displays

FlatpanelsHD 2015 - a new responsive design

22 Jun 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
A new responsive design, a new dynamic score system, an updated forum, better reviews, and more
Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift
Oculus reveals plans for Rift, games & VR

12 Jun 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
A virtual world that feels as real as reality. That is what Rift is about. Oculus Touch and a partnership with Xbox were also announced

Hands-on with HBO Now

08 Apr 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Here are our experiences with Now on Apple TV, iPhone/iPad, and in the web browser. We also examine picture quality. Is this a real competitor to Netflix?
Panasonic CX800

Panasonic curved TV
First impressions of Panasonic's 2015 TVs

26 Feb 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Here are our first impressions of the 2015 Ultra HD TVs, HDR, wide color gamut, Firefox OS & more. We also take a look at Panasonic's OLED
Samsung SUHD

Samsung SUHD hands-on
Hands-on with Samsung S'UHD

28 Jan 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
S’UHD is the name of Samsung’s new Ultra HD TVs with quantum dots. Here are our first hands-on impressions of the new TVs and HDR
CES confusion

TV trends
Trends: curve, quantum dot, OLED, 3D & total confusion

26 Jan 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Article series on trends. We will hear more about quantum dots, curves, OLED & Ultra HD. Less about 3D. But the overall trend is total confusion

Hands-on with LG's 4K OLED TVs (and HDR)

22 Jan 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
We had some quality time with the new amazing OLED TVs, including HDR demos and discussion. Here are our hands-on impressions
Better pixels

Trends: Ultra HD is about better pixels, not just more

21 Jan 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Article series on trends. Ultra HD is not just about more pixels, but better pixels. In 2015, the industry will take the first step
Android TV

Android TV
An overview of Android TV

21 Jan 2015 | Rasmus Larsen
Android TV looks like the most interesting TV platform right now, combining TV, apps and games. Here is an overview of all the Android TV announcements and products


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