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By Rhap Nguyen
#8104 I have one retailer in my country that sets the price roughly $760 in a promotion act. With such a price which soundbar should I compare this one to? Should SONY NT5 be a better option for music? Of course this one is made for movie I know, but still I wanna have more information.

Thanks for your time anyway
By droid
#8107 if you are for music forget the soundbars...all soundbars .

did you already consider the
jaw-dropping sound quality

q acoustics bt3 ?

it's a
real hifi
active stereo speaker set
that beats all soundbars (and most hifi sets and active studio pro monitors)
for music
and for movie too
(it has a sub out too)
By TomTom
#8147 Great review for that sound bar. Can't believe how horrible the sound is on some of these flat panel TV's are. I guess it's to make them lighter. I move around a whole bunch of flat panel TV's when I'm cleaning carpets where I work at and most of them are light as feathers.