Vizio 2017 P series

Vizio unveils 2017 P and M "XLED" LCD ranges

27 Apr 2017 | Rasmus Larsen |

Vizio has unveiled its 2017 P and M ranges that will feature Dolby Vision, full-array local dimming panels, and go back to having on-screen user interfaces. The TVs will be marketed as “XLED” TVs.

Vizio 2017 P & M series

”QLED” and “ULED” were taken so Vizio has settled for “XLED”. It appears that every LCD TV of 2017 is trying to capitalize on the success of OLED.

Nevertheless, Vizio’s 2017 M and P ranges do look promising. The TVs come equipped with full-array local dimming, 4K resolution, and HDR. Unlike most other LCD TV manufacturers, Vizio bets on local dimming to deliver convincing HDR from an LCD panel - and based on our testing that is a wise choice. The 2017 P series TVs will utilize up to 128 local dimming zones whereas the 2017 M series TVs will utilize up to 32.

Vizio 2017 M series

All of the TVs will have support for both Dolby Vision and HDR10.

- “VIZIO’s picture quality expertise comes to life in the living room with P-Series,“ said Matt McRae, CTO, VIZIO. “We’ve taken our most powerful full-array local dimming backlight – XLED Pro – and combined it with other premium technologies to push the boundaries of High Dynamic Range to dramatically enhance the viewing experience with added detail, color and contrast. For those searching for excellent picture performance complimented by a robust smart TV experience, P-Series is the collection to consider.”

Vizio 2017 M series

Tablets are out, UIs are back

Last year, Vizio in a bold move removed TV tuners and the on-screen user interface from its TVs. Instead, it wanted the user to rely solely on a tablet and Chromecast.

That experiment is officially over.

- ”Coming this summer, SmartCast TV will enable users to browse featured content and a curated list of apps directly on the big screen with the included remote,” the company said.

Vizio 2017 M series

The TVs have no tuners but will continue to have Chromecast built-in so you can still to cast content from iOS and Android mobile devices. However, this functionality is now complemented by an on-screen user interface that will be rolled out over the summer. The UI software update will also be available for 2016 Vizio TVs.

Vizio’s 2017 M and P series TVs are available now from in 50 to 75” sizes. The company has already launched the 2017 D series and 2017 E series.

Vizio 2017 M series pricing

Vizio M-Series 50” UHD HDR XLED Plus (M50-E1) - $799.99
Vizio M-Series 55” UHD HDR XLED Plus (M55-E0) - $999.99
Vizio M-Series 65” UHD HDR XLED Plus (M65-E0) - $1,499.99
Vizio M-Series 70” UHD HDR XLED Plus (M70-E3) - $1,999.99
Vizio M-Series 75” UHD HDR XLED Plus (M75-E1) - $2,999.99

Vizio 2017 P series pricing

Vizio P-Series 55” UHD HDR XLED Pro (P55-E1) - $1,299.99
Vizio P-Series 65” UHD HDR XLED Pro (P65-E1) - $1,999.99
Vizio P-Series 75” UHD HDR XLED Pro (P75-E1) - $3,499.99

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