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Nvidia Shield gains Plex Live TV & NAS recording - Android O coming later

05 Jun 2017 | Rasmus Larsen |

The latest software for the Nvidia Shield media player adds Plex Live TV, extended Plex DVR functionality, TV recording straight to a NAS server, and some other new features.

Plex Live TV on Nvidia Shield

Last week, Plex launched Live TV; a new feature that allows you to watch TV channels on your connected devices via the Plex app. The first platforms to support Plex Live TV are iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android TV, including Nvidia Shield.

To be specific, Plex Live TV will be added on Nvidia Shield with software version 5.2, which Nvidia has started rolling out to owners of the 2015 and 2017 hardware.

Included in Plex Live TV is also an option to record programs (Plex DVR). These recordings can be stored on the internal storage on Shield. With the new software the company is adding the option to store recording on a NAS server on the home network. The “write to NAS” feature will in other words allow you to use the terabytes on your NAS in order to free up space on the Shield for installing apps and games.

Nvidia says that it has furthermore enabled support for USB tuners from Hauppauge. You can connect the USB tuner directly to your Shield to get started with Plex Live TV. Lastly, the update brings with it addition bug fixes and optimizations.

The ”Shield Experience Upgrade 5.2” software will roll out gradually starting with Nvidia preview program members. The company expects it to take 2 weeks for the software to reach everyone.

Nvidia Shield TV 2017

Android O coming later

Nvidia has not said when but the company confirms to AndroidHeadlines that owners of the Shield can look forward to Android O (version 8.0).

- “[Nvidia is] looking forward to the exciting new features that Android O will bring to SHIELD TV,” Ali Kani, General Manager of SHIELD, told AndroidHeadlines. “Stay tuned for future details.”

With Android 8.0, Google will introduce a revamped user interface along with some other new features.

Nvidia Shield was first launched in 2015 but got updated hardware in 2017. The 2017 version is available for around $200 / £200 in the US and the UK.

Nvidia Shield software 5.2

Write to Network Storage (NAS)
SHIELD now supports write to Network Storage on Plex, allowing customers to Record TV shows and movies directly to their network attached storage (NAS) via Plex. SHIELD owners can continue to write to local storage, adopted storage and external storage drives.
Watch and Record Live TV with Plex
Now with SHIELD TV and a Plex Pass, cord cutters can watch and record over-the-air broadcast TV on SHIELD in up to 1080 resolution with 5.1 surround sound.
SHIELD with Plex is a one-of-a-kind DVR solution. With this release, SHIELD becomes:

1. The first streaming media player to support Plex Live TV
2. Only streaming media player able to browse and record shows from a beautiful, “10 foot” user interface

And since SHIELD is the industry’s only all-in-one Plex client and server device, you can DVR directly to SHIELD and then stream these shows to any device, anywhere in the world, all with a fraction of the power consumption and cost of other media server options. Please note that the DVR and Live-TV functionality will be rolled out in different EU countries over the next weeks starting with UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.
Connect a USB Tuner for Plex Live TV
NVIDIA and Plex worked together to support USB tuners on SHIELD – including support for the dual WinTV USB tuner from Hauppauge.
Additional Upgrades
Additional updates in this release include network storage directory and connectivity enhancements, Wi-Fi performance improvements, and experience enhancements for SHIELD remote and SHIELD controller.

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