Samsung will produce its first TVs with LG panels inside this month

06 Jul 2017 | Rasmus Larsen |

A long string of events has brought the two hometown arch rivals together. Samsung will this month produce its first TVs based on display panels sourced from LG.Display, according to a report by Business Korea.

Samsung TVs: LG inside

The two South Korean electronics makers have historically gone to great lengths to avoid collaborating so it required a major LCD supply shortage, caused by Sharp, to bring the arch rivals together.

Samsung will produce its first TVs based on LCD panels from LG.Display this month. The company will use 40- and 60-inch LG panels, according to Business Korea. Today, Samsung has no 60” TVs in its line-up so they should be easy to identify, whereas the 40” models will be harder to spot since Samsung already sells TVs in this size.

The panels will be used in Samsung’s “high-end TVs”
Business Korea claims that the panels will be used in Samsung’s “high-end TVs”. It is expected that LG.Display will supply Samsung with 700,000 to 1 million panels annually.

Samsung normally used VA-type LCD panels in most of its TVs. LG.Display produces only IPS-type LCD panels.

Industry sources believe that this could be the start of an expanding partnership between the two companies.

- “LG Display focuses on large LCD and large OLED panels, while Samsung Display focuses on small and mid-sized OLED panels. So, the two companies can be a shield one another when a company is in crisis. When they set up the cooperative system in components, while avoiding risks of investment in equipment and facilities, there will be a huge synergy,” an industry source said to Business Korea.

- Source: Business Korea

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