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Hi there!

I'm a german guy, having a quite 'old' Panasonic LCD FullHD TV with 43" size, fed by Cable TV supply, a Nvidia Shield for Netflix etc. and a Bluray player.

My TV is getting old now, not having HDR, poor blacks, quite heavy reflections, and especially alot of problems with showing SD TV channels. I very often have strange interlace artifacts in such TV channels.

So I wanted to buy a new TV and I'm willing to spend money on it, as it should last for quite a few years. And as I'm working in the TV/Cinema image industry, I'm quite critical about things like banding, oversaturation, crushed blacks, etc. Good image quality is quite important for me. And reflection suppression would also be quite nice, if possible.

Big problem now: in our living room, we can't really go for a big screen. The 43" is quite perfect, a 49/50" would be quite the maximum possible. A 55" is just too big unfortunately. But almost all brands start their highend TV at 55". At least all OLEDs etc. that I found.

Some additional thoughts about brands and what would be nice, and what would not be necessary for me:

- I like the Panasonic GUI and remote and their SAT-IP technology to stream TV to a tablet or so. But Panasonic only has Edge-lit LCDs!?
- I'm not a big fan of the LG remote with the cursor functionality. Would get used to it, but could live without it ;)
- I don't need the HD+ operator app functionality, as we have cable bound reception, not satellite
- AirPlay 2 support would be a nice addition
- viewing angle isn't that big of an issue, especially for our smaller screen size

But as said, image quality (as close to any standard as possible, i don't need 'image enhancements' that try to optimize the image away from what director, DOP and colorist had in mind when doing the grading) would be most important.

So any suggestion which display you would recommend for a size of 43" or 49/50"? Do OLEDs exist with these sizes?

Thx in advance!

I don't know how long you can wait but 48" OLED TVs are expected next year: ... 1559553128

It's true that more and more brands not tend to start high-end at 55", some even at 65".

Yes, Panasonic has only edge-lit LCD TVs and AirPlay 2 is, in Europe, currently limited to select LG, Sony and Samsung TVs. In my opinion LG's motion-enabled magic remote is super annoying. We've tried to use it for a year or so at home but ended up just connected an Apple TV that takes over the TV (we don't watch TV channels via DVB tuners).

Perhaps something like the Sony XF90 would suit you? It has zone dimming (but not a lot of zones) and good picture quality, even decent HDR, but narrow viewing angles. You would have double Android TV with your Nvidia Shield but I think you will prefer Nvidia Shield to the Android experience in Sony's TVs :)
Ah, cool, thx for these informations! That sounds like waiting another year would be quite worth to do. Just to clarify: this wouldn't just mean that LG will release 48" OLED TV but maybe other brands as well, as LG is just manufacturing the panels and there sells these to other brands as well!?