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By Ahmedk46
I’m looking to buy a min 65” TV I have considered the QLED Q67RA but also like the way the OLED looks. I’m not looking to spend to much maximum I would spend is £1500 but I want something decent for the value of money so can someone pls suggest some good models which are worth buying don’t neee to be OLED OR QLED ???
By addy
I was in similar position recently , but my budget was less!.
I had a voucher for 600 and was willing to top up 1000.
I was after a 65" too. The OLED 65 are all above 1600. So if you are willing to punch a little above budget then i would recommend LG OLED65B9 series. I have reading alot about TV's recently so kind of know what's rated good. Other than the LG your other options may be Samsung QE65Q80 series (QLED), also Toshiba X9863 - personally i would rather get the LG. Also depending on your location you may be able to get the models that mainly are available for US market. They are mainly what's called budget OLEDS at that price.

If you cant afford to stretch out on an OLED , then I would recommend the high-ish end Super UHD/4K tv's. The Sony sf900 series is Top and i've had a proper look at it, the quality is very good- almost OLED. You can get that model under 1500.
Other options are LGsm900 series.

I bought the LGsm9010 and i'm very impressed with quality, i had compared it to the Q70r and found that LG had far superior picture and sound quality, also viewing angles. My top choice was the Sony xf900 but was slightly above budget.

These Tv's are next best thing to OLED's - no burn in etc. But they are thicker in deign and heavier. Top choice would be an OLED if money wasn't issue.

Hope my reply helps.