TVs, including LCD/LED, plasma, OLED, and more. Ask for buying advice, or help others, share experiences etc.

I've been doing some reading up on here and have managed to get a decent idea of what I'm looking for, basically a cheap entry level 4k tv ~55inches or greater.

I don't think I will get very many features for what I'm looking to spend but anything will be a step up from my current tv (43~ inch 720p I think, maybe 1080) which is simply quite bad all in all.

Ideally, I'd like to spend ~300GBP maybe a tad more if it really makes the difference between awful->decent or good->great etc.

Only used for watching tv/streams, no gaming. Room is relatively bright during the day with no reflections from behind.
I would probaby say look at the Samsung 7000 series ,Lg um7600 , in this price range these may be best option.
Mid budget (around 550-800) i would recommend Samsung ru8000 series, Lgsm8000 series , Sony Xb8000 series.