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Did you think that TV screens with eARC would free you from Blu-ray, sound bar and maybe receiver
Forget it

TV makers are probably doing an exercise in increasing revenue
TCL, Samsung, Sony, VISIO, LG, Panasonic and more
Admittedly add eARC to their screens that allows any encoder to be heard

And have eliminated any possibility of hearing DTS that do not intentionally add a DTS encoder.
Instead add their sound bar / blue ray with all formats including DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-X

So you are committed to keep buying a PC or Blu-ray, Streamer to hear DTS

The worst thing Blue Ray manufacturers like OPPO was closed factories because they realized that the eARC standard would eliminate all viability of buying Blue Ray

How wrong they were

Sony prevents DTS from being installed on its screens but sells Blu-ray devices that can watch any movie via USB with any type of DTS!
But not all Dolby Digital,

Some people purchase streaming to see and hear each encoder, but here they encounter have a new problem that destroys any taste in buying quality TV
Low quality streaming device, (no wide stage of colors, compressed colors, color confusion, lack of sharpness of colors,
Lack of updates or updates that affect the operation of the device, 10BIT or 12BIT looks worse on these devices than 8BIT.
4: 4: 4 Working on the device only hurts the results because the hardware and driver are weak / poor quality to move a film! )

Even the sound you get, you can hear any standard of surround sound only with poor hardware quality, which lacks many details, is compressed, has no stage for sound, no subtleties
All owners of quality receivers feel noticeable differences between quality Blue Ray and Streamer.

People buy TVs that cost 2000-4000$ and try to broadcast with a streamer for 200$ which severely destroys any experience.

In 2021 the screen condition will continue to get worse without any possibility of hearing DTS!
I have 55C835 and have DTS. Also the TV have eARC. I purchase aswell Loewe bar5+sub5+klang mr1 (rears), and i have everything: depends on the singal PCM Audio, Dolby sourround, Dolby Atmos.