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Samsung to Launch QD OLED TV as "QD Display" Next Year... Finally!

Samsung will be launching its first QD OLED TV (marketed as "QD Display") in 2022, according Korean media website which reports that the Visual Display Business arm of Samsung Electronics has reached an agreement to purchase QD OLED panels from Samsung Display for next year's TV models.

In exchange, Samsung Display Corporation (SDC) will continue manufacturing and supplying LCD panels to Samsung VD Business until the end of 2021.


We're very excited about the prospect of a semi-affordable self-emissive television from Samsung, the world's largest TV manufacturer, and wonder what the price, peak brightness and colour gamut of QD Display will be, as well as any built-in compensation to reduce the risk of OLED burn-in.
Well, they stuffed the LCD gamut and black level development while waiting for much delayed QD. Going on an article from earlier in the year, the samples of QD were rejected by Samsung on brightness. Unless they were going for more than 2000 or 4000 brightness, I wouldn't be too hopeful of these levels.

Plus, my Q7 has a common purple fringing issue, which is potentially a multi billion dollar cost to fix all panels. Can Samsung survive long enough in TV? Such high hopes for them after the Q7 version of mine had came out.

But others out there used better color gamut tech since then. There were even a few better claims at the time such as some Phillips monitors. Samsung should have pushed the envelope into the 90% range the tech out there did, with better black filtering, or the even better LCD redesign dual cell with quantum dot color filter. They could have had something in 2019, nearly as good as the QD next year, but brighter, towards the ultra hd Bluray top specification of brightness.
Going on the joongang article, the remedy is clear. One, to go to older chip lines, which won't be as efficient chips, but the industry has been pretty stagnant on advancement of specifications, so some of the old lines probably can handle the performance requirements. The other option, is to drop lower profit, low end models, and reduce the range of mid to high end offerings. Doing deals to fold capacity into manufacturing chips for the remaining models.

You see that there is no deal at the "moment" to use LG OLED. That's one way to distribute the load of chip shortages, by tapping into LG's supply by using their boards which already have chips. But, what it is maybe saying, is that LG can produce QD OLED next year. We have heard of multiple shifts in LG OLED to new types of OLED, maybe that is part of it? Otherwise, they would have to source the material to manufacture the Samsung version, from Samsung themselves maybe.

Frankly, Samsung needs Christmas flagship models of QD this year. They needed them last year. Unless they can produce 8k wall, or smaller 4k, QD coated micro LED's this year cheap, they are not going do too much for sales. How come they didn't back dual cell quantum dot color filtered LCD as the cheap option until QD-OLED was figured out? Even just better black filtered regular high end QLED using 90%+ QD technologies? That would have sailed until QD-OLED, which would have sailed together (LCD being the bright ultra hd Bluray option) until emissive QD, if ever?

There needs to be a Ultra hd Bluray let el TV flagship under $5k range. If you are careful, the Dolby vision in the ultra hd Bluray is manageable. Using a multilayered LCD approach, with my collumated back light tunneling approach before bordered contrast, colour filter and dispersal layers, black light leakage and washout could be kept to a minimum. There is a couple of tricks to it, but OLED level blacks and maximum color purity are possible, with very little light loss on white, and less light loss as you go down towards black. Unfortunately, LCD and non printed OLED might not last long, before being replaced.
No QD OLED in 2022?

Samsung is currently in talks with LG Display to procure up to 2 million units of the W-OLED 4K panels in pursuit of its sales goals.

Samsung is also developing its capacity to produce OLED panels from its display arm, Samsung Display. To this end, the Samsung-LG collaboration will most likely terminate by 2024 when Samsung would have started producing these panels. ... -tvs-2022/