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By Tony S
Hello Everyone
I did a software update today on my LG OLED 55 CX TV and once it was installed the TV would not recognise my Sonos Beam soundbar and surround speakers.
I went through lots of attempts to get it working with no luck and finally resorted to a factory reset of the TV which solved the problem.
I was just wondering if anybody else had encountered a similar problem.
I am having issues updating my LG CX, I got a notification on Monday saying there was an update available but cancelled it as I assumed I could download it later! I tried updating manually but, it is now saying no updates available? I am stuck on firmware 03.11.30. I have also been to LG website to try and download the two latest firmware updates but every time I either click on the instructions or the actually file the website crashes. Any help would be appreciated, I am based in the uk.