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By JasonKossis
In flatpanelshd's review of the Sony A90J, a bug preventing multi-channel audio from being passed through correctly was noted (when using eArc). Can that be elaborated upon, specifically what type of audio this was observed on (Dolby, DTS, LPCM, etc.)?

I ask as, I have a Sonos Arc, and would like to know the surface area of the issue before committing to getting the otherwise fantastic A90J.

I appreciate the help in advance!
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By Torben Rasmussen
Sonos doesn’t support DTS of any kind, so that couldn’t be tested in our setup as we also use a Sonos Arc. Arc would fail to recognise the signal as Dolby Atmos and write LPCM instead and the channels would be completely mixed up. Disabling eARC solved the issue right away. Same thing for 5.1 signals.

Only applies for HDMI sources.
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By JasonKossis

I appreciate you getting back to me on this! I know you mentioned Sony said they were aware of this issue, but did they happen to mention what kind of time-frame we are looking at for a fix? Unfortunately, they seem to be notorious for letting promises and features slip by the wayside (i.e. x900h getting vrr last year).
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Sony has pushed a new Firmware Update that fixes the LPCM issue when dealing with eArc. I can confirm as I both have a Sony A90j and a Sonos Arc. Before the update I was getting LPCM main channel sounds coming from my left rear speaker, once I updated my Sony with the new firmware the sound was coming directly from the Arc (Sonos App indicating that it was LPCM 7.1).
By Woogy
There has been no updates since launch, certainly not here in the UK.

So, I'm not sure what update it is EC has allegedly received. It could of course depend on what part of the world they're in but this is the update page for the A90J ... e/00258384.

No explicit mention of fixes apart from the mention of "Improves general performance of the TV", released 24th March 2021, prior to launch.
By fnaf
Sony has published a new Firmware Update that solves the LPCM problem while dealing with eArc. I can confirm since I both have a Sony A90j and a Sonos Arc. Prior to the upgrade, my left rear speaker was picking up LPCM main channel noises, but after applying the latest firmware to my Sony, I was hearing audio straight from the Arc! (Sonos App indicating that it was LPCM 7.1).