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Our Bravia XBR55A8F every 5-10 minutes flashes a brief pop-up repeatedly that “WiFi is disconnected” and then “there is no WiFi access”. Then it may not do it again for hours or days. I check my router and iPads and all seems just fine. It’s been a daily thing lately, several times per hour at times.

If we’re streaming a movie there have been a couple of times it froze when the pop-ups appear, but usually not. Assuming this is an issue with the TV’s network access module, can I rectify things by unplugging the TV from power for a couple of minutes to reset things? Or is there likely another cause with a less easy solution?

No one at the Sony Community has replied to my question. :o
The A8F Bravia is a 2018 model installed Dec. 2, 2019.

Since my last post in Feb., the issue isn’t as frequent. Unplugging the TV for a few minutes often “resets” it and resolves problems, but getting at its plug(s) is no picnic because of where it’s mounted and how the cords are routed for aesthetics; so faults are never appreciated. It certainly has connectivity alerts more than any other WiFi device we own, several iPads. a new fridge, a MacBook, an iPhone and 2 Android phones, and a couple Windows laptops. Failure to connect for those is very rare.