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By Kel Ghu

Overclocking capability of a monitor should be tested, especially for IPS panels.

I know it's not the primary concern for most people, but for gamers it is game changing. While many get TN panels for the 120Hz feature, there are many well-known downsides to that kind of panel. The perfect screen would be a 120Hz IPS panel! And as a matter of fact, they exist! Korean Yamakasi 270Q 2B is the reference, but most monitors are actually overclockable. I just got my 2713HM to 94Hz! Though I get stutters while playing games, I am sure other monitors don't! And since it is so easy now to overclock a monitor, why not include it in your reviews? I promise you will not do that for nothing!

Thank you!

PS: For those of you want to try OC your monitor, this should help: