Feedback and suggestions on the forums
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By Rasmus Larsen
To keep the forums constructive and ensure the quality of the community we have made a short check list that we ask you to read before you post a new thread.

1. Search for similar threads and look in the relevant categories to avoid repeat questions. Most of the threads in the forums are concerned with buying a new TV or monitor so you might be able to find other people with the same needs as you.

2. Choose a suitable headline for your subject. A header such as “New TV” or “Help” is bad because it tells nothing about the situation. A more suitable headline describes the size, price level and other relevant information.
For example: “New 40” TV, max 15.000 for living room”

3. Be sure to include relevant information regarding the subject. And always include links to the products you talk about.

4. Please don’t post the same thread twice. If you haven’t received an answer in your thread you can try to ask in a different way or “bump” it but please give the other users time to read your text and respond.

These things should help making the forums a nice and a good place to search for and share information. You can find our tool for searching the forums here: