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By Rasmus Larsen
Our users are important to the community. A main attraction here is our reviews but user reviews are important and very useful, too. When you post a user review it will be visible on the front page of Flatpanels in the right side menu. You don’t have to post a lengthy and comprehensive review but share your experiences with your TV or monitor so others can benefit from it.

Follow these few rules for better user reviews:

1. The headlines are compiled by a java script on the front page in the right side menu. The scripts cuts after about 20 letters, so be sure to include the name of the monitor/TV at the beginning.
For example: “Samsung 204B – my experiences”

2. You don’t have to write a novel and there are no minimum requirements but try write minimum 9-10 lines of text.

3. Pictures can be included but don’t include too large pictures. If you want to show a very large picture, place it on a picture server and refer to it in the text or with a thumbnail picture.

Thanks and good luck with it :-)
By icorrefiare
Now mods, it seems like a good time for me to bring up the changing user name issue. Its obviously very easy