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By mayaman
Dell S2209W - I paid $213 for it.

21.5", 1920x1080, TN Panel, 5MS

I just barely like it, I do lots of web design work and buying this for that reason was a mistake. I'll probably keep it though as my second monitor or for use with another computer, its not that bad its just not good enough if you are serious about how your display handles color. (TN Panel)

Video plays great
Games experience only a little blurring
NO dead pixels
Attractive design
Bright and contrasty
Pixel density is exactly to my tastes

Noticeably limited color reproduction (TN panel)
Vertical viewing angle has to be *just* right or image washes out slightly from top to bottom.

Because I do some web UI work, I'm disappointed in the color reproduction this monitor affords. But because I also do lots of coding, I don't care as much.

As far as using it for other purposes like games, and video, I find it above average. Games are perfectly fine, I had no issues, but some of you probably would have some quibbles with faster paced games. Video is actually great, very smooth, A- in this regard.

If you are coming from a 2-3 year old monitor that was not a "pro" graphics monitor, then you will like this as an upgrade. If you have genuine pro graphics needs, sorry, you still have to pony up the dough. If you just want something to watch movies on and play games at 1080p, then go for it.

After its all said and done it has a below average price and above average performance. So it stays.
By mayaman
Just posting an update to my review after several months of using the monitor.

After awhile you don't even notice that TN panel funkiness of limited vertical viewing angle that is evident in the corners of the screen at all but a narrow range of viewing angles. In the course of normal web design work I don't really notice the minor issues with color reproduction either. If for whatever reason I am working with large gradients across the color gamut or lots of dark hues I can notice these display issues. But, in my mind its actually helpful in a sense because I shouldn't be designing in a way that is only properly viewed by someone with a $1000 monitor... (Still, it would be nice to see everything just right) If I worked with print graphics things would be different, its not good enough for professional photo editing where consistency is very important, such as for a wedding.

All in all I'm actually quite satisfied with this purchase at this point.

Recommended to anyone on a budget.
By jeadsepsy
Hey great review man,

questions for you:

Does the n97 have a touch keypad for txting instead of using the qwerty?

Do you find sometimes that the qwerty comes out a small bit in your pocket or elsewhere?