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Hello everyone,,,
I'm not sure which universe the author is living in. In mine, the vast majority of smart tvs stop getting updates in a year or two and never really get major updates. (Android TV and roku excepted).

HiFi fans in the 50s learned the truth here. The most expensive part of your setup is the delivery tech: the speakers in HiFi, the monitor in a TV. You don't integrate the electronics with that portion. You spend a pile of money when 8-track comes out you just plug a player in. When you need a cassette player, swap out that box. Set top players are changing much faster than that market did.

Give me a good monitor with CEC and a number of HDMI inputs and I will hook up whatever Roku/Apple TV/Android/Blueray/HTPC players I need to it. And upgrade them when they are obsolete. I won't have to buy a new TV every 3 years.
I don't know which author you are referring to but this author is definitely onboard with your version. :) Not only are Smart TVs underpowered and offer a poor user experience, most of them do not receive major platform updates after launch.

If you're not into discs and UHD Blu-ray, pick the Apple TV 4K. In my opinion it's the best streaming player and no other device offers the same system-level support for frame rate and dynamic range matching. iTunes has a very strong selection of 4K HDR movies.