PC monitors of all kinds.
I have been looking for a higher-end monitor that does not have the anti-reflective coating on it. I currently use a Gateway 24" FHD2400. It's four years old. For all of it's flaws, mainly different brightness levels from top to bottom, I like it.

I recently purchased a 25 inch NEC 2690 WU2 BK SV and then returned it when I could not get used to the anti-reflective coating. It created a sparkle effect that drove my eyes crazy. I tried to get used to it for 20 days but at that price I couldn't justify it.

Are there any high end monitors suitable for photo editing that don't have this coating on them?

I'm surprised you have not been informed. AG is not to be mentioned.



So far we have all the net-based reviewers in control, they've done a fantastic job keeping it hushed down.

The old paper-media, as expected, not a word.

Forums however, is a problem.

I just ran a google search to estimate the damage and I found at least 5 hits, not counting your posts which likely will slip out in a few days.

I recommend you to delete this post ASAP.