PC monitors of all kinds.
By ZhouZhi
Hi, I need a gaming monitor, and I'm between these 4:

Asus VG236H
LG W2363D
Samsung 2233RZ
BenQ XL2410T

BenQ XL2410T is my main option, but the backlight bleeding scares me a lot. I have seen many photos and videos, and the backlight bleeding is pretty noticeable. I also read the review from the other monitors, and the Asus VG236H caught my attention too. The problem with the LG and Samsung is their size, I prefer a 23"-24" rather than a 22" monitor.

So, which one should I choose?

Thank You.
By Nick
I have just purchased a purpose built PC.
I need to add a good monitor 23" or 24".
I have been recommended to buy an IPS screen.
My main uses are general internet, wordproc. etc.
But increasingly photo and video editing.
The two I have looked at are the NEC232WMi and the Dell 2412.
I am not sure about Dell products but do like the 16:10 ratio although I shoot video in 16:9

You have reviewed both but I find it difficult to choose.
The price difference between the 23" and 24" is about £75.
Can you help please?