PC monitors of all kinds.

This is my first real advanced monitor for some time now and i was hoping someone here could help me with how to adjust the settings to give the best possible outcome.

I am currently using a Gigabyte GTX 570 graphics-card and i have connected the monitor via the Displayport cable.

I was trying to adjust it yesterday for several hours using this site


and i know it´s for a 27", but it uses the same panel so i thought i´d give it a go. However....i feel i know not enough about these things to get it "perfectly" set.

Any tips or help is much appreciated.

With regards
Rasmus Larsen wrote:Does the monitor come with a sRGB picture preset?

So sorry that my answer was delayed. RL came in the way and then i haven't had the chance to sit in front of the monitor for a while until now.

If i understand correctly it came with a preset list of options yes. Basically it was r g b all set on 50 ( 100 max ) Light contrast and sharpness was also messed up so i changed them to ( light ) 45 from 70 ( contrast ) 30 from 50 and ( sharpness ) 60 stayed the same.

I might be a bit mistaken but in general i changed it just a bit. I hope this is what you ment with the sRGB picture preset or i will be embarrassed :p

I am so a beginner at this...i am the first to admit it but i am willing to learn ^^