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First, thank you for the excellent report on the Sonos Arc.

I tested the B&O Stage for a few days and found it to have an outstanding sound. It didn't have any technical difficulties (unlike a Canton 10) and it has at least one HDMI port (for connecting an Apple TV 4K). The Atmos effects were less impressive, though.

I'm now considering whether to buy the Arc, but here I see the missing HDMI connector as a real weak point, especially since I really want to continue using my Apple TV4 (preferably with Atmos). That doesn't seem possible to me, even though in my case the Philips TV can forward Atmos via HDMI-ARC (but probably not in MAT format).

If the Arc doesn't have great Atmos effects anyway (if it's technically possible at all), then the stage seems to me to be the better choice.

What is your recommendation (not considering the price difference) ?