A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By Cm1
Just wondering if you guys still have the TV and will be keeping it a little while longer as Phil on AVForums mentioned that he was getting sent a new firmware this week that Samsung have been working on fix and to improve some of the dimming issues. John Archer also mentioned this in an article this week that the fix is supposed to improve blooming and also brighten up the small highlights more aswell as other things. local dimming related. It would be interesting to compare the current firmware to the new one.
By JoelArt
Hey @Flatpanels, I've owned and thoroughly tested KS8000, Q9FN and Q900. Could you please start taking in to consideration that Samsung TV's can't do sRGB and Chroma 4:4:4 at the same time in any mode available, input set to PC has Color Space locked to Native which makes sRGB content super saturated and input set to Game Console can only do 4:2:2.
- Also input PC, if it ever became usable, has on both Q9FN and Q900 dimmer HDR, so if you want to do HDR gaming on you PC after doing some work or browsing, ideally with 4:4:4 for sharp text and such, you have to manually switch input to Game Console to get full HDR brightness and then when you are done, manually switch back again to PC, this is such mess and very tiresome to do. I eventually go tired of this and some other thing and returned my Q9FN and Q900 and went with ZF9 instead. It does sRGB at 4:4:4 in Game and Graphics mode with 21ms input lag as well as delivering full HDR brightness without a hitch. This is really important to some people but I don't see many reviews putting any emphasis or pressure on Samsung for this.
- I know a firmware is on the way for local dimming but I could clearly notice Q900 having raised blacks and blooming in HDR Game mode, did you do any measurement to compare the TV's Standar and Movie mode against HDR performance in Game mode?

- Finally, why do you guys set the Gamma to BT.1886 +2? Is this Gamma 2.2 or 2.4 or even 2.0, what is your reasoning?
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By Torben Rasmussen
We don’t have the set any more but we did hear about the new update. Samsung had hoped it would have been released during testing, but it didn’t.

I am not sure I have the readings in HDR for game mode, sorry.

We aim for a gamma of 2.2. BT1886 is more like gamma 2.4, and raising it by 2 gets you to 2.2.
By Cm1
Another interesting thing iv noticed is that in your review sample you mentioned the EOTF curve was overbright like on the Samsung Q9 but in other Q900 reviews some have stated that this was fixed.

Including this review from today from PC-magazine.de where they wrote this..

"The color space was still slightly below that of the Q9, which was due to our vote. The EOTF brightness curve exaggerated by other QLEDs, however, remains precisely at the reference level. HDR is reproduced exactly as mixed in the studio."

Why is it that some samples such are your are showing the same Overbright EOTF but other samples its fixed and reference. The panel lottery these days seems all over the place.
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By Torben Rasmussen
The update could have addressed this issue as well I guess.
By Steve
So notice talk here of some variation. Knowing how will electronics gets, could it be just some different setting affecting this, which you would expect to produce normal results when calibrated, like gamma?
Steve wrote:Hi, the 67% rec2020, what brightness level is that measured at Torben?
50% stimulus as I recall
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By Torben Rasmussen
No, last years Q900 didn’t have the new wide viewing angles or improved viewing angles.