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By Connon
Another excellent and balanced review of a fantastic TV.
I recently purchased and enjoying the GZ950 after finally switching from a 8 year old Panasonic pro panel.

I noticed the calibration settings in the review mention ISF dark and Trumotion. Have these been accidentally posted from a LG OLED instead of the GZ2000 ?
By Connon
Further to my previous post noted that the the calibration settings in the review are actually the ones taken from the previous LG SM90 review not from the GZ2000. Can you update please with the GZ2000 calibration settings. Thanks
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By Torben Rasmussen
Yup, you're right. Correcting now.
By Nicotene
Did you actually test the Rakuten TV app to see if it outputs HDR? I signed up for a free movie rental and although it said it was 4K HDR it didn't output in HDR.

I've referred it to Panasonic but there has been no fix yet.
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By Torben Rasmussen
I don't have an account at Rakuten, so only their trailers were tested, which didn't output HDR - but neither do trailers in iTunes, so I didn't see it as an indicator of any problems.
By Nicotene
It would help if your review showed if the apps were working as it should rather than looking at a spec sheet. In the UK it gives a free rental when you sign up to the app so it doesn't cost anything to test.
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By Torben Rasmussen
The free rental would only apply for this one test then, but we could look into setting up an account that would host a single movie to test out during reviews. Have in mind, though, that we have something like 10 services selling/renting out movies here in DK and a lot more offering monthly services, so to test out every one of them would require a monthly fee well above 200 £.
By Steve
Disapionting. 70% rec2020. Didn't LG get significantly more than this on a TV a few years ago. Wasn't that the one near 1000 nits? It would be great if they could have done 1500-2000 nits. But they can't do 1000nits at 100%. 100% is so dull, a Q7 beats it.

I've noticed banding on my Q7 too, to my annoyance. I thought it would be significantly better off. So, the GZ2000 is not alone.

The image retention thing is good. I'm glad that turned out that way.
I am considering to use the GZ2000 with a Sonos Playbase, Sub and Ones for surround.

If I understand the review right, the GZ2000 will only provide stereo on the optical. Alas, the Playbase does not feature HDMI.

So, is this set-up feasible, e.g., with an HDMI-to-Optical adapter. Even if it is feasible, would you recommend it?

Thanks a ton for any guidance!

Haven’t tried an HDMI extractor so I can’t say if the delay will be a problem, but in principle it could work.
By DoDe

would you please share the HDR settings?
Second question is how to switch between HDR and SDR settings?
Do I have to make the HDR settings for the Professional 2 profile? Or the TV switches automatically between the settings?
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By Rasmus Larsen
We don't do manual HDR calibration at this time. Use 'Professional' for HDR for the best results.

You can't switch between HDR and SDR settings. The TV automatically engages HDR when there is a HDR signal. Once it has switched to HDR you can change HDR settings on that particular source signal (HDMI1, HDMI2 etc.).
By Angel S.
I have to buy an OLED TV, but I have a 'terrible' doubt, or rather, I don't know if it's worth spending a few hundred euros more to buy the 55'' Panasonic, or the new LG 55'' CX, my mainly use will be to watch movies both bluray and streaming, and occasionally play (I planned to buy a console in the future), so my question therefore is, it is worth buying the Panasonic, which does not support HDMI 2.1, has an OS a bit obsolete, but the best panel around, or would be the best choice to go the LG, which is more balanced in term of panel, os, and connections (hdmi 2.1)? Also, is the difference between 1000nits and 750nits of the lg cx really that obvious? :D