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Thank you for the review.

I'm a bit confused by the Brightness with BFI chart. It seems to suggest that HDR drops by only 103 nits in HDR (BFI setting 1), which is far less than I was fearing.

I heard that the HZ1000 drops by 300 nits (in HDR) in low BFI mode, so 103 nits doesn't sound that bad.

Would you say BFI at setting 1 or 2 is usable in HDR mode?
https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?s ... 1532684526

Is this still an issue? Im very worried about the Dolby Vision part of this TV as we in the family watch a lot of netflix etc. I actually had an LG CX but returned it due to too much magenta tinting. Not paying premium cash for a lottery panel where clouds look like a candyfloss. Back to topic - The LG however was bright and fine in HDR and DV. I know its TV-Led and not Low latency Player- Led as the Sony uses, but its just "brighter"

When watching Ozark, Haunting of Hill house and more the picture dimmed alot. Now as I understand the Sony carries over SDR to HDR hence tonemapping is locked and cannot be altered resulting in also dimming in that way.

My question is - Do anyone think Sony will fix this looking at a 2 year old thread and its still a problem?
Secondly is this only an issue when watching DV to to the LLTV way Sony uses.
Say watching an 4K movie from a player will it also dimm the picture?

When seeing the LG CX VS SONY A8H shootout there was a lot of test picture and videos, and that made the sony the winner. In that youtube segment I couldnt see any dimming!!!

It drives me crazy :)
Hi Henrik. I believe what you are referring to is the overall darker Dolby Vision presentation on Sony TVs? You can circumvent this issue by using the built-in apps for Netflix etc. rather than an external HDMI streaming player.

The issue discussed in the other article is actually a different one. It's a dimming algorithm in the OLED panel that will make the picture darker with time when it mistakingly detects a picture as static. It is there to protect against burn-in. The dimming algorithm has since been tweaked and our impressions is that it few are bothered by the effect after the tweak. Also see this follow-up article: https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?s ... 1537773683
Hi Rasmus, reading your review on the sony A8h, I ask you if you think you have been too severe in its evaluation. I expected, after your overall rating (86), the highly recommended award, at least for Picture quality and motion. I'm wrong? Sorry for my bad english :)
purhased sony A8H 65 oled ,keep getting HDCP error H1001 when settings are on enhanced instead of standard.I have ultra HDMI cables?Im using a 4k Telus cable box?Does it matter for cable,or should enchanced setting only be used for PS5,Blue Ray etc.

Thankyou Rick