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By FrankLampard
Amidst all the hoopla of wifi everything I don't see anyone bring out a wifi carry around TV. I understand we can do everything with smart phones but who the hell wants to really view a 5" screen? Not I!

We have a large Master Bath and I would like to link a wifi TV 12-24" or larger in there simply mirroring a TV in an adjacent room without running cable and paying Comcast Mafia for another box monthly rental.

Am I missing something here? Sharp boasting of one several years ago at CES but zero to-date. With NFS, mirroring, wifi extenders and smart phones why the hell hasn't anyone developed a portable wifi mirroring TV for TV on-the-spot? Not everyone wants to view anything on a 4-5" screen where your location is permanent instead of mobile.

Does any exist? Thank you!
By barakatnull
I have a unique situation where I work out at a farm with disabled individuals. We like to watch movies but we have no wifi connection out here( clients are not allowed internet access) . I have unlimited data on my phone and get 4g out here surprisingly
By Steve
Try looking at camping and caravan sites for water proof tv.

Trying getting an App on a tablet. Unfortunately, you need a device to pick up a signal and broadcast it over wifi. Some TV USB tuners might do that, such as the one people wanted toyse on the Nvidia Sheils years ago. Maybe some wifi repeater for second TV. But phone or tablet in water proof pouch using live streaming of TV station is possible.

The device you are looking for may not be available. But search engine, eBay, Amazon and Ali searches might find something.