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By msojka
Hi Rasmus,

what a timely review. I got my brand new EV2333WH today ;) I'm working in sRGB color space and found this to be a great choice.

Do you think Spyder 3 Express will be good enough to calibrate this display? It's pretty simple calibration tool with preset values of 2.2 gamma and 6500 K but it's getting nice reviews for good results and easy to use workflow.

Thanks for great review.
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By Rasmus Larsen
Yeah, the sRGB mode is quite good.

Spyder3Express is not the most accurate calibrator out there but I'm certain that it can help you get a bit more out of your EV2333WH. The Spyder calibrators are great for amateurs and photographers and can improce accuracy but if you're working with pro. graphics I'd suggest a more expensive calibrator. :)
By poulpii
Hey Rasmus,

I have also read the review of the Eizo monitor on Prad.de and there's something that I don't understand.
Eizo monitor are supposed to be calibrated in factory but when I see the value of the graph of your measurement this monitor is not at all calibrated out of the box in contrary as Prad.de mention...

How you can explain this difference ?
I'm waiting your answer, thank to you Rasmus.
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By Rasmus Larsen
I haven't read the complete PRAD review but even because a monitor is factory calibrated you can't expect perfect results. Cheaper monitors like the EV233W are calibrated more roughly than ColorEdge Eizo monitors that are very thoroughly calibrated one by one.

The out-of-box result on EV2333W is still quite good, though.

Can you link to the exact section in the PRAD review that you're refering to? :)
By poulpii
Rasmus Larsen wrote: Can you link to the exact section in the PRAD review that you're refering to? :)
Sure :
http://www.prad.de/en/monitore/review/2 ... part9.html

I have bought a Samsung F2380M that is a huge deception (black crush, red ghosting) the electronic of this monitor is just a catastrophe ! I will resend to the shop.

So I need to find a new monitor for graphic design at a reasonable price, the EIZO ev2333wh have the same Samsung panel but electronic seems to be really much better (10 bits per color, no red ghosting, no black crush...)

I have no calibrators this is why it's important for me to have pretty good calibrated color out of the box and EIZO seems to be the only one manufacturer to have this feature...

I have also seen that a new model in Japan ev2334wh is available with new really interesting features and I think I will buy this model, but I need to know if I bought the package with the calibrator or if it's not necessary ( I don't need perfect color)...
By CGameProgrammer
I've been using a Dell 2408FPW the last few years but it's developed a problem that if it worsens will warrant a replacement soon. I mostly watch videos and occasionally play games. I am interested in the EV2333 because it sounds like it has even better picture quality than the Dell, but I wonder exactly how bad the ghosting/trailing is. Is it worse than the Dell's? They both use PVA panels. Also I don't think the review mentions input lag. Another site measured it as a huge 64 ms on the Dell; what is it on the Eizo?
By jlw82
Thinking about getting this screen as primary monitor for my new Macbook Pro 2011, via Displayport. The reviews of this screen is Fantastic! :-) The only thing that I wonder is if I'm going to use it at its Normal resolution via my Macbook Pro.

I read something about interpolation in this review: http://www.prad.de/en/monitore/review/2 ... erpolation and I don't really understand if its something I should worry about or not?!

Please help! :-)