A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By Ledin
@Rasmus Larsen, Hello, I'm currently trying to decide between the 55'' Samsung QN94A, and the 55'' Sony X90J. I hope you can help.

It would be used in a dark bedroom environment, used for games, and movies, so how it performs in HDR in the game mode is valuable to me.
In your reviews, you have criticised both TV's for their poor motion handling, and HDR performance in game mode.

In the QN9xA review, you highlighted that the QN9xA is overbright in HDR mode, whilst the XJ90 stays closer to the source video. I am in agreement that the game mode should stay true to the source material.

But you've also said that the X90J is not great in game mode either, X90J: ''In HDR 'Game' mode, X90J scales back its zone dimming system to ensure to lowest possible lag, which negatively affects HDR picture quality and contrast in general.''

I understand that the QN9xA in 55'' will reach 1500 nits peak brightness, whilst the 55'' X90J is half that number? But you have said ''For HDR picture quality, native contrast and brightness control are more important factors than peak brightness levels.'' So i'm curious which one performs the better in HDR.

The QN9xA has much better input lag than X90J, & native vrr, whilst it's unsure as to whether X90J will ever have competent vrr. Do you believe the XJ90 will get a competent vrr update eventually?

Corncerningly, I have also read that there's a major fault with the QN95A models, with people reporting a 1cm line running down the middle of the screen with units. Did you come across that fault in your testing? I read that someone had it replaced 3 times, and it had the same fault each time. They said that apparently Samsung told them that the fault is ''where the 4 panels of mini LEDs at the back join, the mini LEDs are giving out the same amount of light, making it extra bright creating the thick 1cm line running top to bottom''. They said that Samsung blamed the pandemic for lack of time to properly quality check.

There's also the DSE risks with the Samsung QN9xA. Do you know if the Sony X90J has any DSE risks?

It's extremely difficult for me to pick. There's not a clear choice I feel.