A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
"Examining Dolby Vision content on LG C2 did not led us to conclude that any significant improvements have been made in practice."

Compared to my Sony 55A83J (WBC panel), LG 48C1 (WBC panel) and my old 65C9 (+ two swapped panels), my new 77C2 took a huge step forward in near black handling. The famous Mindhunters torture scene on Netflix in Dolby Vision (Season 1, Episode 8 ,47:20 Min) demonstrates it very well. There is just way more detail and color shades in general. There is a woman next to a guy who smokes and I think it is the first time where I can see that this must be a woman with a light brown skin. I also watched this scene on my iPad Pro IPS mini-LED display and it looks very similar on my C2. I do even think there is a little bit more detail on my C2. I have to do some side by side viewing in the evening. On my C1 and especially A83J this scene is basically just a greystep pattern and banding showcase. It's a night and day difference on the C2.

Furthermore, 1080p content and lower have often considerably less image noise on the C2, especially in darker scenes compared to C1 and the sharpness is also great. Definitely a more even and homogenous image in low res content.

Very surprising that the C1 scored higher in picture quality than the C2. Could not be futher from the truth from experience. My sets are not calibrated though. I just use the most accurate settings and picture modes OOTB.
From what source? I mean are you using the built-in Netflix app or an external HDMI-based player? As you may know Sony has historically produced too dark Dolby Vision pictures from HDMI sources, due to a misconfiguration in the TV's metadata.

Do you have various settings such as dynamic tone-mapping activated?

The main reason why we scored C2 one point lower than C1 was that our sample had noticeable lower brightness on 25%-100%.