A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
Quick question @rasmus how do you display the resolution of the source being played on the TV? In previous years Sony had the "info" button which shows 1080p or 4K but I can't seem to find any such button on the latest Sony remotes. Do we have to buy a universal remote to access "info" - is it even accessible for display on the 2022 TVs?
TV looks great and the review is well written. My biggest complaint is the new remote which I hate so much. On AndroidTV we could use the Button Mapper app to quickly launch apps that don't have a dedicated button using the colored keys for example and now they are gone 😕 Huge bummer in my opinion. This is the wrong kind of minimalism. I also remember the days when remotes of smart TVs had keyboards on the back but I guess this all went the way of 3D.
P.S.: The note in the "Measurements" section needs to be updated it still says "last year" even though you mean 2018 😅