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By zAndy1
Can you give us any idea when the review for the LG PX950 is gonna be up please? Haven't you had this model since the middle of September, there's a lot of people waiting in anticipation for the review of this TV so if you could bump it up the queue (if there is one) that would be great :)

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By Rasmus Larsen
I wrote this in the comment box of the "PX950 received" article. Unfortunately we need to get another PX950 for testing.

"Guys, I'm sorry to announce that we have to postpone this review, and that we don't know for how long at the moment. Unfortunately something has come up and we need a new sample before we can proceed."
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By Rasmus Larsen
No, I'm afraid. Unfortunately we couldn't get a new sample so I think we have to skip this one. :(

But we will receive a lot of the 2011 products, that will be announced at CES 2011 this January, in the comning months