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By PG1

i hope the prices goes down first :)

just one question Rasmus
if you compare the picture quality of this OLED screen to the LG LX9500 LED TV
http://flatpanelshd.com/review.php?suba ... 1276847037
how big is the difference?

is it a HUGE diffrence or is the OLED screen just a little better in all?

i have this LX9500 (LX950N in sweden) and i also uses your calibration settings and the picture is totaly amazing!

so is the diffrence huge betveen this OLED and the LG LX9500?
the LG has absolute black and the colours after your calibration is amazing.

if you ask me the only BIG diffrence with this OLED "should" be that it have better respons time and better viewin angles.

also i question about the LG LX9500
i wonder why local dimming is shut off in 3D mode?
it is
what do you think? and was it something you noticed when you tested the LX9500 in 3D?
ok that the glasses reduce the light so the blacklevel gets better but hey
this tv as absolut black (almost)
why not use it in 3d mode?

tack på förhand :)