A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By squad
Dalle wrote:it seems its caused by the AMA option... I turned it off and they disappeared. And I'm not noticing any difference with AMA enabled / disabled so that solved it for me =D

What AMA suppose to do anyways?
By Vagge
Can somebody explain how to create/use a ICC-profile so I can use the new settings for this monitor?

By bilboa
I agree with all the comments that have been made. That said I found something more.
User game 1 almost eliminate the blue bottom bleeding. Unfortunately the sharpness in this mode is really bad, and the saturation is kind of weird (might be possible to fix via the graphic card drivers, but the sharpness?)

I also figured that the eco, sRGB and standard mode disable senseye (so senseye is what kills the colors the most - but also its this only thing that can fix the blue bleeding..)

Finally, I wondered if my panel bleeds too much. In games and movies its really noticable..

Left side is the benq, full brightness and sharpness (worse case bleeding), right is a belina 102035W which is a PMVA panel


I can still return it if somehow the bleeding would be too bad. In games and movies with lower settings I "only" see the 15% of the bottom of the screen with blue bleeding