TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
By tdm34
Thank you for the site, i've found it most interesting, but a question for you

In your review of the VT20/25 series TVs, you give various calibration values eg

Contrast 36
Brightness 0
Colour 30
Sharpness 0

Now as Panasonic don't actually give any numeric values for these settings
how did you arrive at the numbers in question?

Was it to turn it down fully to the left and then count each +ve click as 1
or find the mid point value and then count from that point

I feel that clarification on this point may prove very usefull to everyone

Regards TDM
Actually the TVs have numeric values in some countries / firmware.

But let my clarify:
I switched to the professional1 preset that has different settings than the default preset.
Contrast was left unchanged (at 36)
Brightness was left unchanged (at 0)
Color unchanged (at 30)
Sharpness was lowered to 0 (from 5)

The RGB values in the calibration table from the review have + or - values. So you either click left (-) or right (+)

Hopefully this helps :)