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By tukulka
I'm asking for a problem and to have some suggestion.
My girlfriend has some hearing problem so she is usually using earphones to listen music and watch TV.
We usually connect to audio output so she can listen through them and I can listen with normal TV speackers.

I see this TV has no Audio Output but only earphones output.

Is there any way to easy accomplish the task to listen to earphones and speakers in the same time?

Maybe any software option in the tv setting?

Thank you
The headphone jack usually disables the speakers, yeah. I've never seen a setting that can prevent that from happening, but to be honest I've never really examined it.

But maybe bluetooth headphones can solve the problem? I'm not 100 % sure if this TV has the ability to wirelessly transfer sound to headphones, but some of Samsung's TVs have. It might be worth checking out, maybe if you could borrow some bluetooth headphones from a friend or even a local shop?
Yeah that might be a better solution. But you will need a D/A converter of some kind. The important thing here is that you can find one that has no or very low latency in the Digital-to-analog conversion.