PC monitors of all kinds.
By nigel77
Hello everyone,

So i bought the samsung 27in 1440p 144hz cj50 VA panel for the good color and refresh rate. Ive been using it for a while on my console (until i build my pc) on games that hit 60fps like fortnite, but the ghosting is so bad that its unbearable playing on it gives me motion sickness while playing. Ive been told Supposedly getting higher fps closer to the 144 will reduce this affect is that true?

The thing is i bought it on april 26 and have until may 26 to return it, but im gonna have to wait a while to build my pc to test out the ghosting and i don't want to take the chance.

If you think i should return it, do you have a good 1440 144hz monitor under 400usd recommendation? I do want good color for Editing and streaming in the future but, i am willing