A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
I can add some information to your review Rasmus.

Firstly, I would like to add. I would have bought the Hisense P9 over my Q7, if only it had true 10 bit mode. I could do something special compared to the OLED demos in shop by playing with the settings, which made them look cheap. But it is terrible with TV. So definitely a good choice compared to the Q70 here.

Now, there is a trick Samsung has with viewing angles. You can set it up so there appears to less viewing angle change, and color will look acceptable over a much wider range of angle. Firstly, I think, broadly, the filtering is similar to my Q7, and even my old 300 or 500 nit, maybe 10-12 year old TV, believe it or not, but my Q7 is a lot brighter. The Q7 and 70 seem to be comparable concerning this trick. You set it to the highest or second highest blue color tone, you the color up (35 out of 50 on mine), and if you are like me you put the backlight dimming to standard or high in a well lit room (dark rooms are more complex) and contrast enhancer to high. The screen normally has a very narrow optimal viewing angle, even laying compared to sitting on the couch. But you don't notice this in store, because the best demo is setup to emulate the settings I described. The blue hue throughout the picture makes your eyes adjust and ignore the extra blue, therefore also ignoring more of the angle shift blue component. The extra color makes the screen look more pleasing over a larger range of angle. But, if you sit in the optimal viewing angle you get blasted. That's fine for me, I can sit in the middle and guests to the sides. If you have a three+ seater couch, sit at either end to tone it down. You can also try Dynamic and other modes to exaggerate the effect. I also adjust gamma and brightness down to emphasise color.

Now, some interesting stuff. Warm2 is just too yellow, I normally prefer the mode between cool and warm1, or warm1. Modern filming uses a much bluer white point. But, here's the interesting thing. People are saying the contrast of my Q7 is above 7000:1 in some cases, and the panels natural white point is above 10k. This leads me to some interesting ideas. Your visual system is adjusted to being stimulated at bluer white points at well below 10k. I'm not noticing such stimulation. But the other interesting thing is, because its well beyond the natural range, it might be setup that way so your mind notices the bleed through and angle issues less, because they don't match normal natural light. A third point, which is very important, is guys were noticing less color space than expected, and concluding it was because they were calibrating the panel to less than it's natural white point, which reduced color space. I notice straight up, that the movie calibration (which is about the same as you found on the Q70, plus gamma +2, seemed distinctly grayish. I'll have to look sometime to see his color tone effects it, compared to the brighter mode. Dynamic mode pairs with natural (which is a less extreme form) and Movie mode pairs with standard which is a bit more lively, but less so than natural.

Now, HDR, I've only just watched a HDR series, Another Life on Netflix. I can set up SDR range modes more extreme and bright than HDR or HDR+. I don't know what is happening, because the color, particularly skin tones on the captain, just look weird. The saturation is also way down for a series like this. Is it my TV or the color grading of the series? Try to nudge the colour and it goes strange. Very poor, whatever is causing it. I gave to see more HDR.

Intelligent processing. It occurs to me there is no real standard mode where you can more fully explore the brightness and color and luminance space and independently choose the behaviours that the present modes use for mapping (an 5th Expert User mode). Samsung should consider adding that, with like ten profiles you can switch between with a smart remote button. You could have a few for you, a few for the wife, and a few for the family. Just kick it over as content changes or they come into or leave the room. I've found my mode setups work pretty well, and use different modes for bright or dark room (for light bleed) and neutral or lively pop colour for each of those. But certain content, like Suites Season 8, doesn't sit well (maybe it's native contrast is too high for my adjustments and there is no good mapping option in the current modes).