A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
great review, thx.
I have just purchased the Stage and agree pretty much with all your comments. That said do not find a need for a separate remote, the app is pretty robust and accessible.

The stage really does have a quality feel and really does deliver a great sound and for a b&o product represents excellent value for money.

I am not saying if lg or Samsung had delivred the same unit it would be worth less it wouldn't and given b&0 are late into the soundbar market there first offer must have there competitors worrying about there pricing stratergys.

Regarding the passage below do you know if they ever released a fix? I bought one awhile ago and have to turn it off at the mains or 9 times out of 10 it switches my TV (LG E series 2019) on. It's pretty annoying.
Probably more annoying than that is the constant drop out of sound/disconnect when I'm listening to Spotify via AirPlay.
I've spoken to B&O about both issues and after a month or so of back and forth they just kind of gave up on the problems and said no idea.

---quote---Stage was connected to my Sony AF9 TV throughout the review and those of you who have read any of our other Sony TV reviews will know that we have criticized Sony TVs for spontaneously waking up during standby. Usually this doesn’t present a problem, other than increased energy consumption (and maybe privacy?), but somehow Stage reacted to this and decided to also wake up. B&O is aware of the issue, but instead of rushing a firmware update out to our review sample that would potentially ruin things for other TV brands, they will be releasing an update to address the issue once they have confirmed that the proper fix doesn’t affect general performance. This should happen within the next couple of weeks

---end quote---