A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
This is interesting and here are some reflections.

You give panasonic which has "same" nits compared to CX a "not ideal" peak brightness for negative and you give CX positive for HD but nothing on panasonic when it's well known that panasonic pretty much have the most correct SDR both out of the box and calibrated of all tvs?

And you give panasonic perfect blacks as a positive and nothing on CX. Should I take that as the LG dithering still is behind panasonic and no one can touch panasonics shadowdetail or? Had been nice to hear if there is a visible difference since they implemented lower IRE points compared to all other brands this year.

And the 24p stutter, isn't that all on 24p sources, not just Dolby vision? Was so earlier years anyway. Also interesting that hdtvtest told it as "breath and you miss it" on 2019 from "blink and you miss it" on 2018, sounds like you see it more.

Last years GZ did costs lower/around the same as C9/CX and most thought the panasonics were really a good contender or even better for PQ alone. I get a different vibe from your review here compared to CX-

But yeah it's a whole package, I don't care for the apps since I have a ATV4K or losing hdmi 2.1 since [email protected] will be no problem on this even with ps5/xbox that 60 is "target" for most games. Not even PC can give you 120 with everything cranked up.

I'm all in for the PQ aspect alone, as "correct" out of the box possible and the whole thing this year is the sensor that most just skip. LG, panasonic does it and even sony have this this year. And panasonic is the only that's doing it on SDR, HDR10, HLG and DV with their sensing. I know it isn't correct but most of us can manage a dim lit room and not the bat cave for everything.

And you don't say premium for HZ1000 but panasonic will do a HZ980 with lower specs this year and the "only" more premium for PQ is HZ2000. And all 4 is their Oled pro line. So that is like saying a CX is a basemodel also which in my mind it is.

Nice early review, good work but I'm a little dissapointed on the focus and results. Will be interesting to see if avforums, hdtvtest and others think like you do :)