Sound systems for TVs, including soundbars and HiFi solutions
I'd like to know the following:
- I have a Sonos Playbar, sub and 2x play:1s in a 5.1 configuration. Is the Arc a worthwhile upgrade to the playbar in this setup?
- Do you need eARC to really get the benefits of Sonos Arc or for regular Netflix etc with an older TV does the lossey Atmos over DD+ that streamers offer still worth an upgrade?
I’d like to know if Arc is a worthwhile upgrade over my current all Sonos setup that includes the Beam, Sub and a pair of One’s for surrounds. Would I get the Dolby Digital + version of Atmos or lossless TrueHD? I use an LG OLED65B7A and Apple TV 4K for video. I’d say my usage is 70/30 movies over music.
Arc is definitely an upgrade over both of those speakers, but whether you can benefit from Atmos is another matter. B7 doesn't support Atmos, so you won't get Atmos from any app on the TV. If you TV doesn't have eARC or Atmos you won't be able to pass through Atmos from an ATV either, so actually you won't get either of the Atmos versions. ATV will never recognize your TV as being Atmos capable, so it won't switch to Atmos in the sound settings.