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From the announcement:

Value Electronics’ 17th annual TV Shootout® Evaluation event will be hosted on Sunday, September 12th

On the following day, for the very first time we will be having an UST projector Shootout, Monday, September 13th, from 10 AM to 5 PM.

- "This is a must-see for all who are interested in the best video display. We are excited to add the new categories of 8K TVs and UST projectors this year, so the public can see how each display compares in these competitive classes," said Robert Zohn, the events' creator and president of Value Electronics.
Here are the 4K TVs competing in the 2021 TV Shootout evaluation event:
- LG’s G1 Gallery Series OLED TV
- Samsung’s QN90A Quantum Dot LCD/MiniLED TV
- Sony’s XR-A90J Master Series OLED TV
- Hisense’s 75U9DG Dual Cell LCD/LED TV

Here are the 8K TVs competing in the 2021 TV Shootout evaluation event:
- LG’s ZX Signature Series 8K OLED TV
- Samsung’s QN900A Quantum Dot 8K LCD/MiniLED TV
- Sony’s XR-Z9J Master Series 8K LCD/LED TV

Here are the UST Projectors competing in the 2021 UST Shootout evaluation event:
- LG’s HU85LA UST Laser Projector
- Samsung’s SP-LSP9TFAXZA UST Laser Projector
- Hisense’s L9G Series UST Laser Projector
- Epson’s EpiqVision Ultra LS500 UST Laser Projector
The judges:
Phil Holland, Director and Cinematographer
Charlie Anderson, Digital Imaging Technician and Director of Photography (judge only for TV)
David Medina, Production Technical Operations Manager, HBO
Giles Sherwood, Director of Post Production, Criterion
Jason Diamond, Director and Executive Producer (judge only for TV)
Mark Henninger, Projector Reviewer and Photographer/Videographer (judge only for UST)
Jason Dustal, ISF III Calibrator and Instructor & Application Engineer, Murideo
Jeff Hagerman, Digital Imaging Technician
David Mackenzie, Compressionist, Fidelity in Motion
John Reformato, Engineer and ISF III Calibrator
Channa De Silva, Techno Dad YouTube Channel owner