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Hi guys! :)

I wanted to buy a new tv (a big one) for quite some time now. Currently there is a physical store here in Portugal (Europe) that is selling the high-end model from Panasonic’s 2010 line up - the TX-P50VT20 - along with 2 pairs of 3D glasses with 40% discount.

My questions are:

- I am not a hardcore gamer but I like to play sometimes. Is there any possibility of having a permanent burn if I decide to play a little bit or if I watch videos on YouTube? – I don’t mind to have a bit of image retention because that disappears with time. My only concern is to damage the tv permanently.

- How many hours can I play on this tv?

- How long it can hold a static image?

- The black bars on movies and the channel logos in static position can damage the tv?

- This tv, with 2 pairs of 3D glasses, costs about 1200 euros. Should I buy one before the promo ends?

- Is the Panasonic VT20 inferior to the new LG PZ950?

Thanks! :)