PC monitors of all kinds.
Hey guys...

I'm a bit confused on these two monitors

Dell U2311H

http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/prod ... u=320-9270

BenQ EW2430V

http://www.benq.com/products/product_de ... 2&ptag=197

Problem is this I have already used this Dell monitor & wasn't that much impressed with it 3 months ago & returned it.

Problems being contrast shift & color tinting on a dark screen also it was way too bright.

I have also seen this BenQ monitor in person but I haven't used it so I can't vouch for its image quality.

Problems I saw in this one was the semi-gloss screen which I don't really like & no height adjustability.

I guess this BenQ one uses the same VA panel as reviewed on the site for BL2400PT model.

So all I wanna know is which one will offer a better image quality? BenQ or Dell?

My usage is all-around 70% movies,internet etc. 30% games

I would like a HDMI port but for the Dell I have a DVI-HDMI adapter lying around so no problem.

Currently I'm using a BenQ V2210 Eco on HDMI & don't really have any complaints except the vertical color wash-out coz it being TN.

I'm getting the BenQ & Dell both for the same price...

Leaning more towards the BenQ coz I already used the Dell for 2 odd days before returning it a while ago.

So will this BenQ EW2430V have a good vertical image uniformity when viewed from downwards (say at 150 odd degrees) since it has not height adjustment.