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By wentworth
Recently I bought an iPad Air and I am deeply disapointed with the quality of the colours.

I thought this expensive device could offer a very good image. It has a Retina Display they say, but the colour temperature is very high (naked eye) with that bluish tone.
Of course, no way to calibrate. I phoned Apple and they told me 'each panel maker has its own colour'. What the F***!!!! They have 3 different panel providers.

So, my proposal: Do you think you might check with your equipment how accurate the high end tablet displays are out of the box and the result after calibration if that calibration is possible? the same way you do with TV sets.

Ipad Air, Samsung Note, Microsoft Surface, Sony Xperia Z ... could go into your lab.

Regards and good week end.
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By Rasmus Larsen
We have no plans to do actual tablet / smartphone display reviews, but from time to time we take a closer look at the display technology in mobile devices. Follow us on RSS, newsletter og twitter for more.

I can also recommend checking out DisplayMate. They measure display quality on tablets and smartphones, and are very competent and in line with our own thinking and values. One example here:
By wentworth
Thanks for the answer and the info.

It's funny that DisplayMate says its calibration is one of the best but you can read lots of users complaning about the quality of the colour.

Most of them complains about the bluish tone.

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By Rasmus Larsen
I own the iPad Air, too. Mine has no blush push. Colors are very accurate in general.

It might be that you have received a poorly calibrated version. It's true that Apple uses several panel supplies, including LG.Display, Samsung, and AUO.