TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
By KingPhilips

I just bought a new Philips PUS8809 and was wondering if anyone had already done it so I would have something to go from?

Haven't found anything useful yet as alot seems to be waiting with reviewing and showing values... :/
By lazyjacket
Hi, my settings are the following:

Under Picture - Picture Style: Natural

Colour: 67
Contrast: 85
Sharpness: 4

Under Advanced I have:

Colour - Colour Enhancement: Medium
Colour - Colour Temperature: Regular/Normal

Contrast - Contrast Mode: Standard
Contrast - Dynamic Cotrast: Medium
Contrast - Brightness: 50
Contrast - Video Contrast: 87
Contrast - Light Sensor: Off
Contrast - Gamma: 0

Shapness - Ultra resolution: Off
Shapness - Noice Reduction: Off
Shapness - MPEG Artefact Reduction: Off

Motion - Perfect Natural Motion: Off
Motion - Clear LCD: On