PC monitors of all kinds.
By panel

I have 2209wa for 2 years now and I can't stand this AG coating anymore, it's to agressive.
Also, it is too bright at night and i want to buy something better for my eyes.
Are there any new monitors, that would meet these specs:

1.) 22"
2.) Mild AG
3.) OK for gaming (low input lag&response time)
4.) Non-LED
5.) 16:10
6.) <80 cd/m2

And of course, no flicker at any brightness..

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By Rasmus Larsen
Most IPS based monitors have the AG coating so you might want to look for a VA based monitor. Eizo and Samsung have some pretty decent VA based monitors but most of them feature 16:9 panels. I don't recall a model that fits your 6 criteria perfectly but try to take a look at some of Eizo's monitors.
By Dude
I don't know if it fits requirement 2 as I haven't seen one in person but the Samsung SM2233RZ fits the rest.
By Roddy
All models are eIPS so don;t expect anything from a panel that uses 6-bit+FRC to produce 8bit color depth