PC monitors of all kinds.
By oopeteroo
I want to get a extra monitor for my laptop as an extra display.
I never had a monitor before as I always use my laptop with 13.3 inch screen lol.
So I dont really know what to get and hope you guys could help me out a bit.
The main purpose for the monitor will be for movies and anime, but depending on how I feel with it I may use it for some text editing, web browsing, basic photoshop and some coding. (dont know yet because I never had a big monitor before lol)

The thing is, I sit a lot with my laptop/computer daily. I have really really bad eyes/eyesight and my eyes gets tired/fatigue/strain really quick. Is there some monitor better for eyes ?
The price is around 240 usd, I can also buy 2nd hand, so does not need to be brand new.
Which monitor will you guys recommend me ? What is the best monitor for around 240 usd ?

I would like the monitor to be bigger than 20 inch
I have read a little and I think IPS or PLS are the go ?
Also flicker-free is a must?
I would like the monitor to have at least a hdmi or a displayport.
It would be good if you could change the high for the stand, but thats not necessary, then it must have VESA so I could buy a third party stand/mount.
(1080 resolution?) Afraid that bigger resolutions would make everything so small and I cant see xD but I dont know....

I was looking at a 2nd hand dell u2412m for really cheap but heard its random with flicker free units, so skipped it.

I was thinking about a brand new dell s2415 + 2nd hand u2415 stand. (240usd).
Or I could buy a brand new dell u2414 for 265usd . Is the u2414 better than s2415?

I also missed a refurbished dell u2415 for 275usd but dont know if its better than u2414 or whats the difference.....

I could also get a 2nd hand eizo ev2336 for around 260usd.....

I was also looking at a brand new Samsung s23e650d for 190usd (this one have eye saving mode?)

Anyone know if those are good monitor or if u could please recommend me some monitors for my needs
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By Rasmus Larsen
If you experience eye fatigue I would recommend that you go with a flicker-free, yes. It has improved my experience of working in front of the PC week in and out. Also, text should not appear to small. Windows has gotten better at scaling over the years but it is still not great so actually too high a resolution on a too small screen may not benefit you as text gets smaller.

Dell makes some very decent monitors for all-round use.. If you can get the Eizo for that I think it is a very good choice, too.