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I replaced my 65 inch Panasonic VT30 with an LG C9 77 inch TV.
I am thrilled to bits with the picture quality and how it has made my large Blu-ray library come to life. 4K movies like Wonder Woman are fantastic.

Sadly there are 5 annoying faults.

1 On the LG, ARC is diabolical it will not switch automatically. Yet it worked perfectly on my old Panasonic VT30. If I swap my LG C9 for my 4K Sony the ARC also works perfectly. HDMI cable run 15 meters

2 Switching from HDMI 2 input back to TV reception the LG C9 will not allow one to do this until one has turned off the driver I was using. Then it will change to TV reception.

3 Switching from TV internal speakers to ARC. Every push of the right move navigation button should move one position. But it does not. Some times it takes 3 or 4 pushes to move one position. It should move one sound option per one push of the right shift navigation button

4 LG C9 automatically changes name from my audio processor to what ever is connected to it and going. When input is switched off it still shows last used signal source. My wife gets real confused.

5 Sound dropouts on internet TV. Signal very strong and it does not happen on my old Panasonic or my other 4K TV's.

Is anybody having similar problems. Love to learn about them

Incidentally the 77 inch fits perfectly where the 65 inch was. When the 65 inch was put in my wife said we could do with a larger TV. She has got it now.
Hi bonnermartin,

1. Are you referring to HDMI CEC? It should work. We have an LG E6 here where CEC switches automatically without issues. Is 'SimpLink' (LG's marketing for HDMI CEC) activated in the menu?

4. I'm not sure since I no longer have access to LG C9 but I think auto-labeling for HDMI sources can be turned off completely in the menu. I don't think there's an option to specifically change the moniker for the last used signal source, though.

I don't have any input regarding the other issues, sorry. However, regarding issue 5: I've personally found webOS and LG's remote to be a headache in many areas. We have switched to Apple TV 4K for all of our streaming needs, and haven't looked back.