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By uzi15
I need help with my decision and wanted to ask you guys what you think!

I am currently looking for a new 55 inch TV and wanted to know which one of those two would be the better choice.

The TV will only be connected to a PS4 and a router via LAN for Netflix and Amazon Prime. As I play a lot I don’t want to go with OLED as I am afraid of burning in.

So I had a look at a bunch of reviews and the LG was the one I favored. So I went to the local Saturn store (big electronic market) to have a look at it. They only had the 65 inch version but I guess there should be no difference. There was an employee who showed me around and he quickly brought me to the Q70R, stating this would be my perfect fit. He told me it would be much better than the LG, saying the LG was only second class compared to the Samsung.

The problem here was that this employee was a Samsung employee who goes from store to store to promote Samsung products. So I figured he wasn’t really impartial. I told him I would check reviews for this TV before buying it.

I just found a YouTube video from Abt Electronics which compares this Samsung to the LG SM9000. The SM 9000 is a better and more expensive version of the SM8600. The conclusion of the video is that the LG is slightly better overall. But this refers to the SM9000 and not the 8600.

I have an old Samsung TV from 2013. this time I actually wanted a different brand but when the Q70R is the best choice I‘d go for this.

What do you think? Are both pretty equal? Or is one of those definitely better than the other?
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By Rasmus Larsen
Between those two I would definitely pick the Samsung. It has LED zone dimming and can deliver some kind of HDR effect (although not great HDR). You will want to play PS4 games in HDR as it elevates the visual experience quite considerably.

SM86 is an edge-lit IPS LCD. You will get wide viewing angles but the worst contrast in the market right now. It's can't get near anything resembling HDR video quality. Here's our review of LG SM90, which is more capable: ... 1562915899

Here's our Samsung Q70R review: ... 1560322947