PC monitors of all kinds.
Hi all,
this two monitors has quitely the same price.

I'm really in doubt on what monitor choose between
Eizo Foris FX2431 (S-PVA) or
Nec PA241 (H-IPS)

Everywhere I read that H-IPS is preferrable from S-PVA but is this true?

I need a generic monitor for every use:
programming most the time,
3d graphics (photoshop, blender, maya, 3d studio),
amateur photos with quality Canon EOS,

What monitor will be the right choose for me and why?
Please help.

Hi! I am trying to decide between the Eizo S2433W or the Eizo SX2462W. The difference in price is ~$50 USD. How do you like your S2433W? As you use it for purposes similar to my needs I would appreciate any feedback you can offer. Thanks in advance! - B.
SX2462W and S2433W are really different monitors.

The SX2462W is an H-IPS with DUE functionalities with 16bit LUT,
S2433W is an S-PVA without DUE functionalities with 10bit LUT.

Without any doubts SX2462W is more professional oriented, greater lut, due functionalities, wider gamut, nearly no grey losses after calibration.

If you are a color professionist (I will probably choose the PA241 from NEC for same price) I will choose the SX2462W, if you need a all rounding monitor I will go for S2433W.

Why I say this?

Saied that SX2462W and PA241 are better monitor for color accurate work I find that S2433W is an incredible monitor for all rounding.

I bought 3 of this monitors and this is problem free monitors.

They haven't got DUE but they are amazingly uniform, no uniformity issues at all.
This is the UDACT from one of my S2433W using DTP94B from xrite with Wide gamut correction.

Really good monitor, without the IPS annoyances.
- Really few glow
- Images are much more sharper due to the light AG coating
- Better contrast
- Much more deeper blacks

For all rounding I will definitely choose an S-PVA but this is question of tastes.
Many other people will say you the opposite talking about color shift and black crush.
Personally I can see the #020202 without moving my head, so can't understand where could be the black crush on such a good monitor.

If you'll buy a calibrator monitors will became also better but the default sRGB/Custom preset is really accurate for sRGB and Adobe RGB.
If you will not buy a colorimeter don't forget to download the default ICC profile from the eizo site and use it in your browser or in your color managed environment.
abbjr wrote:Thank you for the information. That said, I just ordered the Eizo FORIS FX2431. It has every feature I could ever want. And it's just too good looking to pass up! :D
great monitor.
don't forget to share your thoughts once the monitor has arrived home :)
I have been looking for a higher-end monitor that does not have the anti-reflective coating on it. I currently use a Gateway 24" FHD2400. It's four years old. For all of it's flaws, mainly different brightness levels from top to bottom, I like it.

I recently purchased a 25 inch NEC 2690 WU2 BK SV and then returned it when I could not get used to the anti-reflective coating. It created a sparkle effect that drove my eyes crazy. I tried to get used to it for 20 days but at that price I couldn't justify it.

Are there any high end monitors suitable for photo editing that don't have this coating on them?